Stress Management through Yoga and Meditation

G.R Valliammal


Stress is an integral part of the natural fabric of life. Some of it occurs because we try to do too much in the time available and some of difficulties with interpersonal relationships either at home or at work. Stress is currently defined in at least two different ways. It refers to the dangerous, potentially harmful or unpleasant external situations and, secondly to the internal thoughts, judgements, emotional states and physiological processes that are evoked by stressful stimuli. Stress can be either temporary or long lasting. Due to heavy stress that affects the physical and psychological aspects of the human being, one should think positively and adopt the right ways of resolving the stress-related problems .Stress management involves controlling and reducing the tension that occurs in stressful situations by making emotional and physical changes. Meditation, yoga, pranayama, physical exercises, physical relaxations etc. are the important techniques that are to be followed to manage stress. Yoga will help man to perform all of his duties in harmony with the laws of nature and the sentiments and conventions of society. Meditation helps psychophysical control of the human organs and maintence of steadiness and strength. It helps in the emotional problems and also helps to reduce physical, mental and emotional tension. Pranayama is another step in the systematic study of yoga. It is the method of deep breathing by which one can absorb larger quantities of atmospheric energy by expanding the lungs to one’s capacity. It is necessary to do exercises regularly to balance the body functions, strengthen the body parts and to regularize the functioning of all ‘systems’. Exercises strengthen the muscles and normalize the activities of the endocrine glands. Rest and relaxation helps to prevent heart trouble and brings down blood-pressure. It also reduces mental stress and tension and body becomes energized.

Keywords: stress, meditation, pranayamas yoga, physical exercises, rest
and relaxation

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