Marana-As a Bio-nanotechnology of Ayurveda

Piyush K Gandhi, Anand K Choudhary, Pradeep K Prajapati


Rasashastra; an ancient branch of pharmaceutics and therapeutics which deals with use of metal and minerals for the wellbeing of human being. Rasashastra elaborated different procedures like Shodhana, Marana, Jarana, Satvapatana (Extraction), Kupipakva Rasayana etc. to convert the metal into nontoxic and bioassimible form. Marana procedure is combination of five unique step like Shodhana, Bhavana (Levigation with herbal Juices), Pelletisation, Sharava Samputikarana (Special instrument in which Heat is applied after keeping pellets ), Puta (Application of specific heating pattern). Repetition of Puta is indicated till the desired characters of Bhasma are achieved  like Varitartva (Floating of Bhasma on steady surface of water), Rekhpurnatva (occupying the inter ridge space on the skin of finger pad), Niruttha (not to regain its original elemental metallic form). Thus Marana, a complex procedure converts the elemental, toxic and non-bio-compatible form of metal and minerals into nano sized organic complex which are nontoxic and biocompatible.

Keywords: Marana, Puta, Nano particles


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