Amayika Prayoga (Internal Administration) of Navasadara

Raghuveer Hadimani


Rasashastra is a branch of Ayurveda which deals with the study of pharmaceutical preparation by using minerals, metals, animal originates, silica compounds, gem stones, poisonous drugs etc. Navasadara is one among them. Chemically Navasadara is Ammonium chloride. In ancient period minerals were procuring from native form but at present lab prepared minerals are available. Rasatarangini is one of the texts of Rasashastra in which detailed explanation about internal administration. The same drug when administered with different herbs and liquid media can combat many diseases. The administration of Navasadara with different herbs and liquid media is elaborately explained in the text Rasatarangini. Present paper deals with the internal administration of Navasadara in many diseases, when administered with different herbs and liquid media.

Keywords: NH4Cl, Ammonium Chloride, Rasatarangini


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