Modern Day Benefits of Acupressure 14 Points Exercise in Alleviating Heart Related Ailments Designed By Swamiji Vethathiri Maharishi: A Case Study (Observed on a 38 Year Old Woman with Mitral Valve Problem)

C. Vijayalakshmi, M. Jothilakshmi


Millions of people struggle from the complications of cardio-vascular degeneration including hypertension, chronic heart disease, stroke (cerebro-vascular accident) and valve prolapse. Human beings can get relieved from this struggle by practicing regularly in Kundalini yoga Acupressure 14 points exercise which is a part and parcel of Kundalini yoga, a system designed by Swamiji Vethathiri Maharishi (Sky yoga). The main objective of this research article is focused on a lady 38 years old who is affected by Mitral Valve shrinkage and she got relieved from this Acupressure 14 points exercise, there is no drug, no side effect and inexpensive therapy. Acupressure is a gate way for the prevention of heart problem. There are 14 main points which can be pressed to make specific nerves activate. Acupressure14 points exercise ensures free flow of electrical energy without any short circuit by removing air bubbles in the nerves and helps in free flow of blood circulation there by increasing the bio-magnetism. Overall, the aim of this study is to introduce the practice of Acupressure exercise and highlight its potential role in the maintenance of health and wellness.


Keywords: Acupressure, life energy, cardio vascular, mitral valve.

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