Clinical Evaluation of Efficacy of Kanthya Maha Kashaya in Gadgada (Stuttering)

Megha T, . Shreevathsa


In Charaka samhita, kanthya maha kashaya is advised for the kantha gata vyadhis and it is hita to kantha. In amarakosha, gadgada is stated as kantha gata vyadhi. Henceforth, kanthya maha kashya which is stated as kantha hita was used in gadgada which alleviates avarana in it by its karma. The study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of kanthya maha kashaya on different components of va̅k vis-a-vis Gadgada (Stuttering). The study was a randomized single blind clinical trial with pretest, follow-up and posttest assessment. 30 patients of stuttering belonging to age group of 5–15years were assigned in a single group. Kanthya maha kashaya in sharkara kalpana form was advised for a month twice daily after food. Different parameters of the study stuttering severity, pitch and loudness (full sample and stuttered syllable) using Stuttering Severity Index-3 (SSI-3) scale and Pratt’s sound recorder were recorded before, follow-up and after treatment and analyzed statistically by descriptive statistics, cross tabulation (Contingency Table Analysis), chi-square test, paired sample ‘t’ test, and repeated measure ANOVA using SPSS for windows (version 18.0).The result of SSI-3 scale before and after treatment was highly significant with P-value of 0.008. The P-value of pitch and loudness of whole sample was 0.000 and 0.872, respectively and 0.375 and 0.000 on stuttered syllable (alphabet). The overall change in the SSI-3 scale was statistically significant. On the basis of the present study, it can be concluded that kanthaya maha kashaya helps in controlling stuttering severity in children. Thus kanthya maha kashaya is a safe and effective drug for stuttering in children.

Keywords: Kanthya maha kashaya, stuttering/gadgada, SSI-3 (Stuttering Severity Index-3), Pratt’s recorder.

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