Prophylaxis and Treatments for Malaria-A Review Article

prateeksha rajput rawat, Amrinder Kaur, Lizzie Lalnunsangi Pachuau


Malaria is a vector borne disease with significant morbidity and mortality. Many diseases are known to man and among them Malaria can be claimed as one of the most popular disease. This infectious disease is caused by the protozoan of the genus Plasmodium. This malicious disease was already introduced to mankind in 2700 BC and there has never been an end to this. So it is imperative to be aware of its infections in human body, the consequences and its treatments. As always, many herbal drugs have been used for the treatment of various disorders because they are easy to get and is available for everyone even in remote areas and side effects are less. They are being formulated and molded to keep up with the disease for its treatment. So via this article; major anti-malarial herbal drugs including allopathic drugs are reviewed which are having different effects and different interactions; as well as reviewed preventive measures relating to malaria and its causes which have been proposed by various departments, organizations and professionals. This article is to make the people aware; who need to know the prevention, treatment and drug to be used for malaria. New techniques of malaria prophylaxis and treatment are currently in development, including vaccines.

Keywords: Malaria, plasmodium, anopheles mosquito

Cite this Article: Prateeksha Rawat, Amrinder Kaur, Lizzie Lalnunsangi Pachuau. Prophylaxis and Treatments for Malaria-A Review Article. Research & Reviews: Journal of Ayurvedic Science, Yoga and Naturopathy. 2015; 2(1): 17–25p.

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