Elements of Yoga Therapy

N.A. Perumal


Alternative medical systems are recently cropping up to locate, rectify and remove the errors in the already existing traditional systems of therapy. The Allopathy, the Homeopathy, and Ayurvedic all are representing very much traditional systems. Of all the three, Allopathy had been a worldwide accepted medical system and attained a corporate cadre. The changing perspective of life, conditions of living and patterns of reaction are leaving very many disadvantageous conditions, all bringing the human wellbeing of physical and mental levels to a state of confusion, dismay and cataclysm. When the human resources are fast losing their internal and inherent potentialities, the civilized way of life has a demand for substitutes. This is major reason for the cropping up of alternative medical systems. Yoga therapy is one among them. In yoga all the physical and mental disorders basically and primarily go beyond the limit and method, by natural reasons and by artificial reasons. With the noble view of, “Lead me from mortality to immortality” yoga flourishes as a Bible for Health.

Keywords: Yoga therapy, alternate system, limit and method, natural reason, artificial reasons

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