Raktasamshamana Varga: A Novel Group of Drugs for Palliation of Raktadosha

K. Nishteswar, Sushama Bhuvad


Charakasamhita (1000 BC) categorized the major bodily pathogenic factors under three varieties i.e., Vayu, Pitta and Kapha and Rajas and Tamas as the causative factors of mental diseases. Sushruta includes Rakta (blood) as the fourth variety of pathogenic factor. He has introduced grouping of drugs according Dosha (vitiators) known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha and Vagbhata followed this classification. It is a general observation that none of the Ayurvedic classics introduced a group for alleviating Raktadosha (Raktasamshamana Varga). Charaka enumerated specific diseases called by individual doshas under Nanatmaja Vyadhis i.e., Atmaja Vyadhis due to only one Dosha without being combined with any other Dosha and explicitly avoided classification Raktaja nanatmajavyadhi since he has not given individual vitiator status to Rakta which is a dependent Dhatu of Pitta. It was noted that Raktadhatu in diminution causes roughness, dryness and creaks in the skin and lessened luster. A list of diseases due to vitiation of Rakta was furnished under Shonitaja roga and Raktapradoshaja Vikaras. Certain diseases are described basing on Raktadosha e.g., Raktajagulma, Raktajakrimi etc. Keeping this in view, an attempt is made to formulate a group namely Raktasamshamana Varga which is applied as a broad spectrum group for the management of Raktapradoshaja Vyadhi.

Keywords: Raktapradoshaja Vyadhi, Rakta dosha, Shonitaja roga, Raktasamshamana Varga

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Nishteswar K, Sushama Bhuvad, Raktasamshamana Varga- A Novel Group of Drugs for Palliation of Raktadosha, Research and Reviews: A Journal of Ayurvedic Science, Yoga and Naturopathy. 2015; 2(2): 20–28p.


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