Methodology of Diagnostic Research in Ayurveda

Nishant Shukla


Field of diagnostic research and basic research in Ayurveda is unexplored; all attempts being made by scholars in last century are limited to clinical efficacy of drugs or therapy. It is observed that research design adopted by most of the scholar doesn’t give much emphasis on ayurvedic parameters which may be due to non-availability of standardised protocols. Diagnostic and basic research remained unattended and overlooked due to technique and scientific design not available in ancient treatises only outcomes are narrated, difference due to method of description over a period of time and brain washing education of Lord Macaulay. There is a great need of development in this branch of Ayurveda to establish Ayurveda scientifically. Acharya Charaka described fundamentals of research designs in Viman Sthana, diagnostic research design has been dealt in Viman 4 in Apta, Apta doesn’t mean only sage or Rushis but a person how has done unbiased research and the outcome or theory postulated based on the unbiased observation is also Apta (Charak Sutra 11). Thus Parikshya Bhavas described in Viman 4 are the basis of diagnostic research. This will be dealt in details in full paper.

Keywords: Diagnostic research, Samhitas, pathogens, Doshas

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