Ayurvedic approach to Kawasaki’s disease

Nishant Shukla


Kawasaki’s disease is a very rare disease affecting children. This is characterized by aneurysm in small vessels and capillaries, high serum cholesterol, etc. The disease has remained a challenge to medical science. A case of Kawasaki’s disease is treated successfully with Ayurvedic treatment. Patient came with diagnosis of Kawasaki’s disease and was managed as per ayurvedic principles. The ayurvedic diagnosis for the disease is Vata-rakta a disease in which occlusion or blocking of blood vessels takes place. The disease is described by Acharya Charaka in which blood stream is obstructed by inflammatory change in blood vessels, occlusion due to changes of aneurism, clot or plux, etc. by virtue of Vata, Vata obstructs the passage of Rakta and vice-versa is the pathological change in the disease. Vata-rakta is group of disease which includes DVT (deep vein thrombosis), TAO (thrombo arterion obliterans), aneurism, etc.

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