Concept of Arkan Arba (Four Basic Constituents) and their Role in the Formation of Cosmos in Outlook of Greek Arab System of Medicine: A Review

Azizur Rahman, Mohammad Aslam


Origin of cosmos/universe was the very initial interesting topic of world chronicles and continuing up to now. Man has seen things which are existing and growing in the universe. It was a secrete phenomenon for the humanity that how it becomes possible that everything has come in to existence and what materials are responsible for the same. This question was moving in the intellectual minds from the very beginning. A lot of thoughts, theories, concepts and proposals regarding the above came in front of world memoires to solve the problem. Every civilization like Babylonian, Egyptian, Chinese, and Greek etc. tried to answer it by their rational ideas. The Greek philosophers have proposed different opinions like someone said water, air, fire; and some other proposed earth separately are the basic substances for the origin of cosmos. In BC century Greek scholar Empedocles have thought that four elemental substances i.e. fire, air, water and earth and their basic qualities; are by which the universe was made. In this paper, the attempt was made to comprehend and generalize the concept of Arkan Arba in the view of present scientific era to minimize the ambiguity regarding the same.

Keyword: Arkan arba, cosmos, Greek Arab medicine, four basic constituents

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Azizur Rahman, Mohammad Aslam. Concept of arkan arba (four basic constituents) and their role in the formation of cosmos in outlook of greek arab system of medicine–a review. Research and Reviews: A Journal of Ayurvedic Science, Yoga and Naturoapthy. 2015; 2(3): 16–21p.


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