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Comparative Structural Analysis of Dep1 Protein in Oryza Sativa

Pranati Swain, Lambodar Behera


Dense erect panicle protein is an important protein of Oryza sativa which helps in high grain production. The objective is to find out the structure of protein and to represent the best 3D model by using insilico analysis. In Oryza sativa the dep1 is homologous to crystal structure of expb1 of zea mays, a beta-expansion and group-1 pollen allergen from maize which is responsible for plant growth and development. The following study was obtained by predicting the 3D structure of dep1 in Oryza sativau using homology modeling concept with the help of bioinformatic tools i.e., SWISS-MODEL, CPHmodels-3.2 ServerĀ and PHYRE2. The 3D structures were further evaluated and steriochemical analysis was done by using RAMPAGE server for Ramachandran plot analysis. The best model was selected on the basis of Z-score and 3D-1D score.

Keywords: Oryza sativa, dense panicle1 protein, homology modeling, best structure prediction

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