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A Study on Community Awareness Programme and Diabetes Care in Primary Care Setting

Pradip K Thakuria, Manoj K Baishya


Diabetes is a disease that cost dearly, in terms of morbidity and mortality. Diabetes seems to be the most common chronic disorder in routine clinical practice. Inspite of the fact that diabetes involves almost all systems of the body, there seems to be great lapses in its management. In a busy schedule in rural Assam primary care physicians hardly get enough time to explain the various issues related to diabetes management. Lack of education, poverty, fear and guilt and associated myths with the disease seems to be the contributing factors in treatment non- compliance. Community awareness programme about the illness, information and medication, and emotional support all these factor seems to play a major role in comprehensive diabetes care. The present study was a rural healthcare base study to analyse the impact of glycaemic control and treatment outcome based upon community awareness programme, psycho education and counselling; results of which showed that this has a positive impact on treatment outcome.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, counselling, psycho education, community awareness programme, primary care

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Thakuria PK, Baishya MK. A Study on Community Awareness Programme and Diabetes Care in Primary Care Setting. Research & Reviews: Journal of Computational Biology. 2016; 6(3):   31–34p.


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