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Socioeconomic Factors of Prescription Drug Advertising: A Commentary

Paul J. Flaer


Pharmaceutical advertising impacting the public’s access to prescription drugs is a failed system. The mass media is abused in a process of deception by the pharmaceutical industry to promote sales of their manufactured products. On the other side of the advertising model, the process works to garner legal fees for an often burgeoning profession of lawyers operating with low scruples in an overly litigious society. Legal reform is critically necessary with the institution of new regulations and regulatory control by state and federal governments. Broadcasting must not be so obviously abused in efforts at boosting product sales of prescription drugs by manufacturers. Advertising in order to obtain a lawyer for litigation against pharmaceutical companies must not misrepresent the law firm or be a vehicle to conduct fraudulent practices. “Fine print” advertising must be changed to real time use and provide reasonable reading times for the prospective patient. The advertising system for pharmaceuticals that impacts the patient’s health must be operated under fair and proper ethical standards in the best interest of the public.

Keywords: Pharmaceuticals, drug advertising, prescriptions, federal regulations, drug access, ethics

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Flaer Paul J. Socioeconomic Factors of Prescription Drug Advertising: A Commentary. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Computational Biology. 2017; 6(1): 25–27p.


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