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In Silico Subtractive Proteomics Approach for Identification and Characterization of Drug Targets in Streptococcus suis

Pramod Shinde, Komal Patil, Nikita Malavkar, Aditee Dalvi, Madhura Janve


Recent studies and the analysis of sequenced proteome have been providing important insights into the Streptococcus suis. The current study based on complete proteome information of S. suis available in biological databases to identify putative protein targets. In this study, subtraction of S. suis and human proteome provided essential proteins which are unique to pathogen and absent in the host hence can be safely used as target in the drug development process. Total proteome of S. suis contain 482 proteins of which 37 proteins are unique in the pathogen and among these 16 proteins play an important role in the cellular pathways and membrane associated works. All the non-homologous essential proteins were characterized for differential metabolic pathways. We also suggested 7 novel protein targets in the S. suis having crucial role in the cellular pathways.



Streptococcus suis, subtractive proteomics, cellular pathways, essential protein

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