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Novel Strategy for Computational Identification of Micro RNA (miRNA) from Poliovirus

Alka Dubey, Shashi Prabha Agarwal, Swinderjeet Singh Kalra, Neelesh Yadav


Micro RNA is a recently discovered class of non-coding RNAs that play important roles in the regulation of gene expression. At the post-transcriptional level, these fascinating molecules may fine-tune the expression of genes at molecular level also. Poliovirus, the causative agent of poliomyelitis, is a human enterovirus and member of the family of Picornaviridae. This project mainly focuses on finding out its genomic function. An oligonucleotide drug can be designed against this virus for the person suffering from this serious infection. Computational prediction analyzed and estimation of evolutionary relationship among types of an organism is done in this project with 15 precursors and eight potential miRNA on the basis of conserved region and some favorable statistical values.



Precursors, miRNA, conserved regions, oligonucleotide, poliovirus

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