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Isolation of 16S rRNA and Phylogenetic Analysis of Bacillus Flexus Colonizing in Berry of Coffea arabica

Anupama R, Makari H K, Hosmani Shankar P


Bacillus flexus is a novel Gram-positive, alkaliphilic bacterium. It was isolated from bacterial populations in heavily infected fruits of Coffea arabica. It has the ability to synthesize active enzymes under extreme pH conditions. The 16S rDNA sequence of the organism was analyzed using BLAST program (NCBI Genbank) to verify the most closely related data base sequences. Clustal X version 1.8 was used to determine multiple sequence matches. 16S rDNA of the bacterium was amplified by PCR using inverted primer (Eubacteria specific primers). Genbank, USA has confirmed the sequence by allotting accession No. KJ459005 for the 16S rRNA sequence of Bacillus flexus. This strain has been colonizing in fruits of coffee acting as a co-infect ant, hitherto not reported.

Keywords: Bacillus flexus, Coffea arabica, 16S rDNA sequence, Genbank Ac. No KJ459005


Bacillus flexus, Coffea Arabica, 16s r_DNA sequence, Genbank Ac. No KJ459005

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