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Analysis of Nondeterministic Events in Heart Through PCG Signal Segmentation

Tripti Singh, Abhishek Misal


Phonocardiograph (PCG) signal provide valuable information about cardiac activities and heart valve disorder. It helps in diagnosis of coronary artery disease, ventricular dysfunction, valve disease, and pulmonary hypertension. The PCG signal is highly nonstationary thus its reading needs high technical skills and experience. This paper analyzes PCG signal segmentation using wavelet packet. This paper analyzes PCG signal segmentation and preprocessing using wavelet packet transform (WPT). An improved method for PCG signal segmentation using WPT can be developed. These wavelets are tools that split data or signal into various frequency component. The wavelet packet decomposes this signal that provides richer signal analysis. This improved method of segmentation overcome background noise and detection of main events S1 and S2 in each cardiac cycle.

Keywords: ausculation, cardiac cycle, heart murmur, heart sound, Phonocardiograph (PCG) signal

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Singh T, Misal A. Analysis of Nondeterministic Events in Heart Through  PCG Signal Segmentation. Research and Reviews: Journal of Computational Biology (RRJoCB). 2015; 4(1): 28–32p.


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