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Develop an Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Region of Interest (ROI) for Medical Images

Patel Prakruti L., D. N. Khandhar


Today, science is too much ahead and so, it is able to provide efficient treatment to medical practitioner. In this paper, to remove noise from region filter is applied to different medical image. Different Region of Interest (ROI) methods are developed to get only interested region from medical image. Three different medical modalities: CT Image, US Image and MRI Image are taken to perform different operations. Image enhancement in wavelet domain is performed to improve the quality of interested region. To see the interested region, more clearly zooming operation is also applied on interested region.  Also, based on the analysis of performance parameters such as MSE, SNR and PSNR best filter is chosen to remove noise from medical images. We can conclude that, Image Enhancement Algorithm can enhance contrast ratio and increases information entropy, which improves the visibility of details in dark area and image’s visual quality. So, it affords strength evidence for doctor in clinic diagnosis and is convenient for later auto classification and identification.


Keywords: Image enhancement, Region of Interest (ROI), Image Enhancement Algorithm, Medical modalities

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Patel Prakruti L., D. N. Khandhar, Develop an Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Region of Interest (ROI) for Medical Images, Research and Reviews: Journal of Computational Biology (RRJoCB). 2015; 4(2): 1–7p.


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