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Implementation of Wavelet Packet for PCG Signal Segmentation

Tripti Singh, Abhishek Misal


Murmurs are the heart sounds which are produced due to abnormal flow of blood through it. Phonocardiogram (PCG) is a highly non-stationary signal and is used for the auscultation purpose for detection of heart disease. For detection and analysis purpose, PCG signal is segmented or classified into main heart sound components S1 and S2. The segmentation process used in this paper is carried out through wavelet packet for deeper analysis and also signal is represented in time and frequency domain. The wavelets are mathematical tools which cut the signal into various frequency components. This wavelet packet decomposition is for richer signal analysis. The improved method for signal analysis can be developed using this tool which has the potential of removing background noise produced during recording and diagnosis.

Keywords: Discrete wavelet transform, normalized root mean square error, phonocardiographic (PCG) signal, peak signal to noise ratio, S1, S2, wavelet packet transform

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Singh Tripti, Misal Abhishek. Implementation of Wavelet Packet for PCG Signal Segmentation. Research and Reviews: Journal of Computational Biology. 2015; 5(3): 1–6p.


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