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Computer Generated Surgical Templates: An Aid to Implant Planning

Sakshi Madhok


The need for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan in association with flawless implementation and execution is the key to successful implant therapy. Digital technology has revolutionized the quality of dental care imparted to the patients in each speciality of dentistry. Precise implant placement no longer relies on the clinical acumen and experience of the implantologist. Implant

placement can now be computer guided; based on a three dimensional, prosthetically driven virtual planning. Use of computer aided implant surgery is gaining momentum and the time is not far when the conventional surgical templates used in osteotomy preparation will be phased out. This paper highlights the various facets of computer aided implant surgery that has made implant placement more efficient, consistent and less labour intensive.


Key Words– CAD- CAM templates, Computer aided Implantology, Computer assisted implant surgery, rapid prototyping, stereolithographic surgical templates.

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Sakshi Madhok. Computer generated surgical templates: an aid to implant planning. Research and Reviews: Journal of Computational Biology. 2015; 5(3): 18–27p.


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