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QSAR Studies of 3-(4-(3-(Substitutedphenyl) Acryloyl) Phenyl)-2-Substituted phenyl/Phenylthiazolidin-4-ones for Anticancer Activity

Ashwani Kumar, Ruchika Goyal, Sunil Kumar, Sandeep Jain, Parvin Kumar



Both, Chalcone and 4-thiazolidinone, are therapeutically significant organic moieties with anticancer activities. QSAR (Quantitative structure–activity relationship) studies of ten synthesized chalcone-thiazolidinone hybrids have been described for anticancer activity against three cancer cell lines: A-549 (Human lung adenocarcinoma), U-87 MG (Human glioblastoma cancer cells) and COLO-205 (Human colon cancer cells). The developed linear QSAR models have significant statistical quality showing good fitting ability and robustness. The Q2 and R2 values of all the described models were more than 0.5 which corroborated the internal predictive ability of the resultant QSAR equations. Wlambda3.mass, SC-3, FNSA-3, BCUTp-1l, Wlambda1.unity descriptors were imperative in elucidation of anticancer activity trends.

Keywords: Chalcone-thiazolidinone hybrids, anticancer activity, cell lines, QSAR

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Ashwani Kumar, Ruchika Goyal, Sunil Kumar et al. Qsar Studies of 3-(4-(3-(Substitutedphenyl) Acryloyl) Phenyl)-2-Substituted Phenyl/Phenylthiazolidin-4-Ones for Anticancer Activity. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Drug Design & Discovery. 2016; 3(3): 16–22p.


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