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Spherical Crystallization: Making Biopharmaceutical Parameters Tilorable

Vivek P. Chavda, Moinuddin M. Soniwala, Jayant R. Chavda


Particle engineering is quiet important now a days. It should have good flow and compression properties for good tableting ability and render it suitable for advanced tableting devices. From years dry and wet granulation serves the purpose but since last two decades direct compression has achieved much attention amongst Pharma industry. In order to make the powder blend directly compressible Spherical crystallization methods have been developed; to make it appropriate in terms of its micrometrics and bulk properties. Several steps including synthesis, crystallization, separation, and agglomeration can be combined into a single operation by employing spherical crystallization. This reduction in processing saves operating time and lowers production cost. In this review the cardinal features of spherical crystallizations are being highlighted. The spherical agglomerates obtained by spherical crystallization can be used as intact beads (encapsulated spansules) or directly compressible tablet intermediates having satisfactory micromeritic (flowability), mechanical (friability, crushing), compressional (compressibility, compactibility), and drug release properties. Modified drug release from agglomerates and compacts thereof can be achieved using suitable polymer composition in the process design.

Keywords: Spherical crystallization, flowability, compactibility, bioavailability

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Chavda P Vivek, Soniwala M Moinuddin, Chavda R Jayant. Spherical Crystallization: Making Biopharmaceutical Parameters Tilorable. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Drug Formulation, Development and Production. 2015; 2(3): 1–12p.


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