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Formulation of Vancomycin Capsules and Characterization of Related Substances

CS Srinivas, SB Puranik



Aim of this research work was to develop vancomycin capsules and analysis of the related substances which was performed using HPLC and mass spectrometer. The impurities present in the formulation were identified and the two unknown impurities present at RRT about 0.65 and 2.10, were isolated, purified and characterized. The first impurity was found to be a polar substance and it was found to arise due to the amide cleavage of doubly protonated ion originating from vancomycin and PEG. The second impurity was identified as a non-polar substance and the mass spectrum had three peaks corresponding to the doubly protonated ion originating from vancomycin, singly protonated ion from the drug and also due to the bond cleavage between glucopyranose and six member ring. Thus, this study illustrated the unknown impurities present in the vancomycin capsules and has thrown some light on its source of origin.

Keywords:Vancomycin capsules, HPLC, mass spectrometer, related substances

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Srinivas CS, Puranik SB. Formulation of vancomycin capsules and characterization of related substances. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Drug Formulation, Development and Production. 2015; 2(3): 42–51p.


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