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Frequency of Amino Acids Abundance in Living Organisms

tarun kumar bhatt, Deepti Joshi


All the living organisms exhibit great diversity in terms of their environmental, physiological, and biochemical properties. And to do so, protein molecules of the individual organism play a crucial role. Amino acids are building blocks of the proteins. There are 20 standard amino acids which are incorporated into polypeptide chain during protein translation. These amino acids are broadly categorized into three categories of hydrophobic, hydrophilic, and polar residues. Occurrence of different kind of amino acids in a protein determines its structural and functional properties. That is why, in this study, we have analyzed the frequency of occurrence of individual amino acids in the proteome of various genus using bioinformatics tools. We found that amino acid ‘leucine’ is the highly abundant amino acid across the three domains of life. We also observed an exception to uniform abundance of ‘leucine’ in Plasmodium falciparum where ‘asparagine’ is highly abundant


Amino acid abundance, Leucine, Bioinformatics tools

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