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AI Robotic System in Medical Field

Hemant Sharma, Sonu Sheokand, Chain Singh


Our idea focuses on implementing a robot equipped with a special Artificial Intelligence Program (AIP) for performing surgery in medical field and various other medical operations. The special AI program is made of deep neural networks, which is trained for thousands of medical prescription and surgical operations procedures. As the AI program is highly trained program the error rate will be almost negligible as compared to the error rates in human, as humans can be distracted and repeatability of any other human is not as good as compared to the robotic system which is highly repeatable.

Keywords: Airtificial Intelligence, neural neworks, medical operation, medical programs, human robotic system

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Sonu Sheokand, Hemant Sharma, Chain Singh. AI Robotic System in Medical Field. Research & Reviews: Journal of Medical Science & Technology. 2017; 6(1): 20–26p.




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