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An Autopsy Based Study on Sudden Natural Deaths

Manoj Kumar Singha, Firoz Ahmed


A total 24 numbers of cases out of 485, medico legal autopsies were conducted in cases of sudden, natural and unexpected deaths to establish the causes of death in cases where such deaths have occurred in apparently healthy individuals under suspicious circumstances. It was observed that majority of victims (33.3%) were in the age group 31 to 40 years. Male (79.2%) outnumbered female. Highest numbers (41.9%) of cases were farmers by occupation and most of the cases (70.8%) were from rural area. Maximum numbers (87.5%) of victims were married persons and from middle socio economic group of people (54.2%). In most of the cases, death occurred in their own residence (45.8%) and time of death was within 6 h of initial symptoms (41.7%). There was a seasonal variation, with the highest numbers of cases found in summer season (37.5%). Maximum numbers of cases were observed in Monday (33.3%). In most victims, deaths occurred in between 6 and 12 h. Maximum causes (70.8%) of sudden natural deaths were of cardiovascular origin. Coronary artery thrombosis (64.7%) was the leading cause of cardiovascular deaths. Thrombosis of left anterior descending branch of coronary artery was found in highest number of cases (54.5%). The second, third and fourth causes of sudden deaths were related to respiratory system (16.7%), gastrointestinal systems (8.3%) and CNS (4.2%) respectively.

Keywords: Medico legal autopsies, natural deaths, medical cases, socio-demographic profile

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Manoj Kumar Singha, Firoz Ahmed. An Autopsy Based Study on Sudden Natural Deaths. Research & Reviews: Journal of Medical Science and Technology. 2017; 6(2): 21–28p.


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