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A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness of Therapeutic Ultrasound and Phonophoresis in the Management of Jumper’s Knee

Dr.Kshtrashal Singh


It is very essential to know the effectiveness of one modality over the other and this study is designed to compare the effectiveness of therapeutic ultrasound and phonophoresis using piroxicam gel on jumper’s knee. Rehabilitation of jumper’s knee and correction of any deficiency is strength abnormal loading pattern and dysfunction is must. The various rehabilitation of aims on relief of pain, reduction of abusive load. Improving musculotendious function and maintaining fitness. The treatment problem includes ultrasound therapy friction, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ice packs and patellar tendon counterforce strap may aid in alleviating symptoms, exercise to stretch the hamstrings and quadriceps muscle, may also be helpful. Ultrasound and phonophoresis are widely accepted by physical therapist throughout the world in the management of jumper’s knee. So this study is to compare the effectiveness of phonophoresis using piroxicam gel treatment on jumper’s knee. The data were collected using Quasi experimental study, thirty subjects were selected for the studies. The subjects were divided into two equal Groups; Group A consists of 15 athletes to be treated with ultrasound, Group B consists of 15 athletes to be treated with phonophoresis using piroxicam gel. The data collection procedure was carried out for a period of three weeks. By using Visual Analog Scale and goniometer the pain and knee range of motion were measured. Statistical analysis was done after data collection. The parameter influence the magnitude of increase results, that both Groups showed significant reduction in pain sensation and improvement in knee active range of motion is revealed that phonophoresis is more effective than ultrasound in treating patellar tendonitis.


therapeutic ultrasound, phonophoresis, piroxicam jel, jumper’s knee, goniometer, visual analog scale

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