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An Evaluation of the Efficacy and Safety Profile of Inula Racemosa in Patients of Restrictive Lung Diseases

Salil Srivastava, Mita Pathak, Hom Nath Dhungana


In this paper, we explain the procedure to evaluate the efficacy and safety profile of Inula racemosa in patients of restrictive lung diseases. The patients included in this study were selected from the outpatient clinic of a tertiary care hospital in North India. The present study was initiated on 45 patients suffering from restrictive lung diseases, 31 of these patients were followed up for 6 weeks.  Remaining patients did not cooperate for the follow up study.  The criteria for including the patients in the study were aged between 10 years and 60 years, history of cough and breathlessness for at least two years and patients not taking any steroid at least 15 days prior to the starting of the study. The patients having coexisting respiratory infection, smokers, patients with associated diseases like diabetes, hypertension or renal diseases and pregnant women were excluded from the study. The breathlessness was the most commonest complain with a high mean score (2.3 ± 0.03) than others and least being crepts with lowest mean score (0.30) at Day 0. A significant (p< 0.05) change in cough, expectoration and breathlessness was observed from Day 0 to Day 15. The expectoration and crepts became nil at Day 45 and significant (p<0.05) change was note in cough, breathlessness and rhonchi. The significant (p<0.01) increase was found in FVC and FEV from Day 0 to Day 45.  However, there was an increase the FEV/FVC ratio from Day 0 to Day 45, however, this was statistically insignificant (p>0.01). The percentage change was higher in FEV (16.5%) than FVC (15%) and FEV/FVC (2.8%). Since, Inula racemosa has significant effect on clinical signs and symptoms as well as on pulmonary function tests among lung patients, this can be used for long term treatment.

Keywords: Inula racemosa, Lung diseases, Efficacy and safety

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Srivastava S, Pathak M, Dhungana HN. An evaluation of the efficacy and safety profile of inula racemosa in patients of restrictive lung diseases. Research & Reviews: Journal of Medical Science and Technology. 2015; 4(3): 18–21p.


Inula recemosa, Lung diseases, Efficacy and safety

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