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Metastasis of Lobular Breast Carcinoma to Cervix: A Case Report

Rajnish Nagarkar, Sirshendu Roy, Tejashree Deshpande, Shrikant Suryavanshi, Swapnali Mandlik


In India breast cancer is a very common malignancy. About 1 in 22 Indian women will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. The incidence in US is 1 in 8 women. Increased incidence can be attributed to lifestyle. Among the two major subtypes of carcinoma breast lobular cancer is rare. Common sites of metastasis are lung, liver, bone, brain. Metastasis of lobular carcinoma to cervix is a very uncommon occurrence with a frequency of 0.8–1.7%. Common histological type of breast cancer is ductal carcinoma and common sites of metastasis are lung, liver, bone and brain. Invasive ductal carcinoma does not as frequently metastasis to gynaecologic organs as invasive lobular carcinoma. In genital tract, ovary happens to be the most commonly affected organ by carcinoma breast metastasis. Metastasis to uterine cervix in a patient of breast carcinoma is a very rare occurrence. The most common type metastasising to cervix is lobular carcinoma. The most common presenting symptom is abnormal per vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain. These symptoms mimic a primary gynaecologic neoplasm. We herein report the first case in our set up of isolated uterine cervical metastasis in a postmenopausal patient who had invasive lobular carcinoma of breast and was on hormonal treatment. A case report of 47 year old patient 10 years post mastectomy presented with multiple bony, cervical metastases. Patient responded well to hormonal therapy i.e. everolimus plus exemestane. Patient is on regular follow up with complete tumour response. This case report insists on more thorough gynaecologic examination in a patient of carcinoma breast.

Keywords: Lobular carcinoma, genital metastasis, cervix, Breast Carcinoma, adenocarcinoma

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Rajnish Nagarkar, Sirshendu Roy, Tejashree Deshpande et al. Metastasis of Lobular Breast Carcinoma to Cervix: A Case Report. Reseach & Reviews: Journal of Oncology & Hematology. 2016; 5(2): 11–14p.



Lobular carcinoma, genital mets, cervix

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