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Research and Industrial Insight: Oncology & Hematology

Himani Pandey


Oncology is a division of medicine that agrees with the obviation, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. A medical expert who performs and does observations in oncology arena is an oncologist. The three components which have amended survival in cancer are obviation, early diagnosis and treatment. Cancers are the preeminent managed through discussion on multi-disciplinary tumour boards where therapeutic oncologist, surgical oncologist, radiation oncologist, pathologist, radiologist and organ categorical oncologists meet to find the finest possible management for an individual patient considering the physical, gregarious, psychological, emotional and financial status of the patients. It is very consequential for oncologists to keep updated of the latest advancements in oncology, as transmutations in management of cancer are quite mundane. In all the patients suffering from cancer progresses and for whom no standard of care treatment options are available should be enrolled in a clinical tribulation. Risk factors in oncology sector involve tobacco, alcohol, inordinate corpulence and age. Screening is recommended for cancers of breast, cervix, colon and lungs.

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