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Usability of the ‘Chemotherapy Spill Kit’ Among Nursing Personnel Working in the Chemotherapy Administration Areas: A Follow up Study

Sunita Kumari, Sukhpal Kaur, Firoza D Patel


Toxicity of antineoplastic drugs is known since decades. A chemotherapy spill kit (CSK) usage can prevent the exposure of health care workers handling these drugs. A Chemotherapy spill kit was operationalised in Radiotherapy ward, radiotherapy day care and medical day care where chemotherapy is administered of a tertiary care centre. Present study assessed the usability of the same using non-participatory observation of these areas after 6 months of operationalization of the kit. An observation checklist was developed. All the nursing personnel (22) posted in these areas participated in the study. They were observed while administering chemotherapy. Reasons were explored for not maintaining the kit properly. A large portion 20 (90.9%) of the subjects were in the child bearing age group i.e., 25–49 years of age. All were females with majority 18 (81.8%) married. One nursing staff was in her first trimester of pregnancy. Majority 19 (86.4%) of the nurses were diploma holders. All the three research areas subjects were not maintaining and using the kit completely. The reasons for non-maintenance of the kit by majority 18 (81.8%) of the subjects was difficulty in procuring and replacing the articles. 40.9% were of the opinion that shift changes make it difficult to maintain the kit. About one fourth (22.7%) said that shift changes, high workload, and new staff poses difficulty in maintaining the kit. To conclude, non-maintenance and non-usability of CSK among the nursing staff was observed in this follow up study. Regular in-service education programmes should be conducted to enhance awareness about the toxic effects of chemotherapy and its exposure and the effectiveness of chemotherapy spill kit usage. Administration need to intervene by implementing strict policies and regular checking for the usage of CSK.


Usability of CSK, chemotherapy spill kit, nursing personnel

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