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Prevalence of Iron Deficiency Anaemia and Risk Factors in a Sample of Population of Bleeding Haemorrhoids (Bawaseer Khooni): An Observational Study

Junaid Nazir Dandroo, Mehjabeen Fatimah, Saiyad Shah Alam, Sadaf Afreen


Bleeding per rectum, anal discharge, itching, pain and discomfort are the most common symptoms of a haemorrhoidal patient. Per rectal bleeding is the most common complaint for which a haemorrhoidal patient seeks medical advice. Anaemia is the commonest haematological problem in patients of chronic blood loss. Often it is a sign of underlying disease or associated co-morbid condition. An observational study was conducted at department of Jarahat (Surgery), NIUM, Bangalore, for period of one year. History and clinical examination was done thoroughly, and analyzed in full details regarding age, literacy, socio-economic status, diet, straining etc. Hb percentage was noted for each diagnosed case. Higher prevalence (31.11%) was observed in age range of 40–50 years, iron deficiency anaemia was prevalent in 17.77% patients having Hb level less than 11 g/dl. Further, about 50% cases were having Grade I haemorrhoids; maximum cases (55.55%) belong to lower socio economic status. On dietary basis, 78.89% were non-vegetarian. Moreover, high prevalence was noted in illiterate and the persons who strain on defecation.

Keywords: Haemorrhoids, iron deficiency anaemia, Sooulquinya, Quillatuddam


Keywords: Haemorrhoids, Iron deficiency anaemia, Sooulquinya , Quillatuddam

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