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A Comparative Study of Visual Outcome with Superior, Supero Temporal and Temporal Incisions in Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery

Dildar Singh, K Kanthamani


The purpose of the present study was to compare visual outcome in patients undergoing manual small incision cataract surgery with superior, supero-temporal and temporal incisions. The study was conducted between December 2014 and December 2015. For the prospective analysis, 102 cases meeting the inclusion and exclusion criteria were selected. The patients were randomly allocated to three groups of 34 each and surgeries were performed. In group A with superior, group B with supero temporal and group C with temporal incision by single experienced surgeon. Post operatively unaided visual acuity was recorded in each patient post operatively on first week, six weeks and twelve weeks. A total of 102 cases of MSICS were analysed. Most of the patients were between 61 and 70 years of age. After 12 weeks, 16 (47.1%) of the patients in SI group and 20 (58.8%) of the patients in supero-temporal group had visual acuity ranging 6/6–6/9 where as in temporal incision group 25 (73.5%) patients had visual acuity ranging 6/6–6/9 (x2–4.981, p<0.01). It was concluded that visual rehabilitation is better in temporal incision than superior incision.

Keywords: MSICS, superior scleral incision, superotemporal scleral incision, temporal scleral incision

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