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A Case study of Parapharyngeal Space Tumor with Unusual Presentation

Sachin Bansod, Raj Nagarkar, S. Roy, S. Pradeep, Shrikant Vanjari, Yash Devckar, Mayank Patil



Aim: To study and treat the parapharyngeal space tumors presenting with swelling on left side of neck. Result: presenting a case of 25 year old male with swelling on left side of neck, FNAC revealed the diagnosis of a pleomorphic adenoma of parapharyngeal space. Tumor was intraorally excised. HPR revealed pleomorphic adenoma which concluded the diagnosis of benign parapharyngeal tumor from deep lobe of parotid gland. Conclusion: Tumor of parapharyngeal space tumors are rare tumors comprising less than 1% of head and neck neoplasm. They are mainly salivary gland neoplasm or neurogenic tumors. Clinical presentation is very variable. Surgical resection by different approach remains to be the best possible treatment option.

Keywords: Parapharyngeal space tumor, pleomorphic adenoma

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Raj Nagarkar, Roy S, Sachin Bansod et al. A Case Study of Parapharyngeal Space Tumor with Unusual Presentation. Research & Reviews: Journal of Surgery. 2017; 6(2): 16–21p.

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