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Change in Pattern of Peptic Ulcer Perforation Site

Sunil Agarwal, Harendra Singh, Gaurav Kumar Nirwal


It was stated in literature that the most common site involved in perforated peptic ulcer patients is the duodenum. The perforation site usually involves the anterior wall of the first part of duodenum (62%), although it might occur only for antral (20%) and lesser-curvature gastric ulcers (18%). Duodenal ulcer is the predominant lesion of the western population, whereas gastric ulcers are more frequent in oriental countries, particularly in Japan. Gastric ulcers have a higher associated mortality and a greater morbidity resulting from hemorrhage, perforation and obstruction. In our study we have observed that in the area of Jaipur city peptic perforations are very common. The site of perforation is predominately the Antral part of stomach. The irregular eating habits, alcohol intake, smoking and excessive use of NSAID’s and steroids is probably the main reason for perforations to occur in this area.

Keywords: Perforated peptic ulcer, antral perforation, duodenal perforation



Perforated peptic ulcer, antral perforation, duodenal perforation

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