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Calcified Ovarian and Uterine Fibroid- A Rare Occurrence: Case Report

Mukul Bindra, Priti Anand, Sadhna Mathur, Ravi Mathur


In this paper we present a case report of female who presented with a non-functioning large ovarian fibroid with extensive calcification with uterine fibroid in a peri menopausal age. Fibromas belong to a spectrum of benign ovarian tumor and are the most common sex cord tumor. Total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo oophorectomy was done as the patient was not desirous of future fertility. Histopathology showed multiple uterine fibroids with extensive calcification along with calcified left ovarian fibroid.

Keywords: Fibroma, Uterine fibroid, Meig’s syndrome


Fibroma, Uterine fibroid, Meig’s syndrome,

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