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Incised Surgical Wound Closure with Sutures and Staples: A Prospective Randomised Trial

Mahinder Pal Kochar, S.P. Singh


Increasing knowledge and present time demand in the field of surgery has enabled the development of new techniques of surgical wound closure that are not associated with contamination. The aim is to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of skin closure with sutures and staples. A prospective randomized trial was carried out on a total of 100 patients divided into two groups of 50 each. Patients were in the age group of 11–40 years, with male to female ratio 2:1. All patients followed a standard pre-operative protocol. Skin closure was done with sutures (plain, interrupted or mattress) and skin stapler in group ‘A’ and ‘B’, respectively. All wounds were dressed every alternate day. Time taken for skin approximation and total analgesic doses given were recorded. On 5th POD/hospital discharge wound length and a standard 100 mm visual analogue pain scale was performed to assess discomfort. Signs of inflammation, discharge and wound dehiscence were recorded on a 5 point scale. Sutures/staples were removed on 8th–9th POD. After one month/hospital discharge wound was graded on a 5 point scale for cosmetic appearance. Wound length fell in 3.1–12.0 cm. Average time to close the wound was 305.88 and 114.06 sec in group ‘A’ and ‘B’, respectively i.e., 2.5 time faster in group ‘B’, pain was 98 and 82%, redness was 74 and 52%, swelling was 32 and 12%, local rise in temperature was 8 and 4%, wound dehiscence was 10% partial, 2% complete and 2% partial, 2% complete, cosmetic results were 66% poor and 76% good in group ‘A’ and ‘B’, respectively. More doses of analgesics were required in group ‘A’ versus ‘B’, average cost per wound closure was Rs. 240/- in group ‘B’ and negligible in group ‘A’. Overall skin closure with staple was superior to sutures.

Keywords: Incised Surgical Wound, Skin closure, Sutures, Staples

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Mahinder Pal Kochar, Singh SP. Incised Surgical Wound Closure with Sutures and Staples: A Prospective Randomised Trial, Research and Reviews: Journal of Surgery, 2015; 4(2): 10–14p.



Incised Surgical Wound; Skin closure; Sutures; Staples

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