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Meningitis to Parapharyngeal Abscess: A Far Cry

Charu S, Gupta J, Gupta N R, Singh R, Verma P, Dhungana HN


A 28-year-old male presented with neck stiffness, fever, headache and palatal palsy. The patient was provisionally diagnosed as a case of meningismus with isolated palatal palsy on the basis of a normal MRI brain and CSF examination. A week later after the above episode, the patient reported with discharge of pus from the floor of external auditory canal. Patient was diagnosed as retropharyngeal abscess going to the external auditory canal via the parapharyngeal space. This route of travel of the abscess has been reported in infants but not so far in adults.  The patient was treated with abscess drainage intraorally and debridement of granulations of external auditory canal.

Keywords: meningitis, parapharyngeal abscess, otorrhea & retropharyngeal abscess


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Charu S, Gupta J, Gupta N R et al. Meningitis to parapharyngeal abscess: a far cry. Research and Reviews: Journal of Surgery. 2015; 4(3): 1–3p.



Meningitis, Parapharyngeal Abscess, Otorrhea & Retoropharyngeal abscess

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