Efficacy of Panchakarma in a Patient of Multiple Myeloma: A Case Study

Vaidya Ish Sharma, Tribhuvan Pareek, Aparna Sharma



The role of Ayurveda is now globally recognized for the quality of life. It has both, the preventive and curative potentials. Panchakarma is one unique principle of Ayurveda which deals with detoxification of body and mind. In this article, a case study of patient suffering from multiple myeloma will be discussed and how his quality of life changed after getting Panchakarma therapy. A male patient aged 67 years; known case of multiple myeloma approached Panchakarma unit having chief complaint of severe back ache due to burst fractures at D8, D12 and weakness. The patient had already taken the Western medical treatment and surgical procedures like bone marrow transplantation; with these treatments, he got slight relief but getting weakness and fractures of thoracic spine due to hypercalcemia, the patient was upset. Hence, the patient came with a hope from Panchakarma. An effort is made by treating this patient with Panchakrma procedures under strict supervision.

Keywords: Multiple myeloma, quality of life, Panchakarma

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