Management of Katishoola with Shodhana and Vaitarana Basti: A Case Study

Tribhuvan Pareek, Ish Sharma, Aparna Sharma



Lower back pain is common in middle age. Management of this depends upon the condition, acute or chronic and the cause on which the orthopedic decides whether it is an emergency or conservative line of treatment is sufficient. In Ayurveda, trikagraha and katigraha come under Vatavyadhi. For Vatavyadhi, the common line of treatment mentioned in classics is Snehana, Swedana and Mridu Samshodhana. In this case, patient came with MRI report and complained pain in lower back from past 8 years, pain radiated to lower limb some times. Patient felt pain in walking also. He had already taken allopathic treatment and Ayurvedic oral medicines from local physician, but he was advised to undergo surgery at last by his orthopedics; which he did not prefer. He did not want to go for surgical treatment. So, patient was treated with Ayurvedic line of treatment and he received good symptomatic relief also. The patient was devoted to treatment and continued treatment for almost a month. In this case, no such oral medicines were used and effort was made to give relief to patient with Panchakarma therapies.


Katishoola, Virechana, Vaitarana Basti

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Tribhuvan Pareek, Ish Sharma, Aparna Sharma. Management of Katishoola with Shodhana and Vaitarana Basti: A Case Study. Trends in Drug Delivery. 2017; 4(2): 16–19p.


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