Ocular Inserts: An Overview

S. Shanmugam, T. Vetrichelvan, S. Valarmathi



Ocular inserts are sterile preparations which are to be placed into cul-de-sac or conjuctival sac. The major aim of ocular insert is to maintain a therapeutic level at the site of action for prolonged period of time. The therapeutic efficacy of an ocular drug can be greatly improved by prolonging its contact with the corneal surface. Ocular insert gives several advantages like increased ocular residence time, drug release at a slow constant rate, accurate dosing, reduction of systemic absorption, better patient compliance and targeting internal ocular tissues. Ocular insert offers more bioavailability than other formulation. The ocular inserts are otherwise called as cul-de-sac inserts.


Ocular inserts, formulation, evaluation

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Shanmugam S, Vetrichelvan T, Valarmathi S. Ocular Inserts: An Overview. Trends in Drug Delivery. 2017; 4(2): 20–22p.

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