Microsponges: A Novel Approach for Transdermal Delivery of Tolnaftate

Charyulu RN, Avril Mathias, Mudit Dixit


The present study was aimed at preparing tolnaftate-loaded microsponges and incorporating them into a topical formulation. Microsponge delivery system was chosen as it can increase the concentration of the drug on the superficial layer of the skin. Microsponges were prepared by quasi-emulsion technique. The studies like drug entrapment efficiency showed that the drug was completely entrapped within the pores of the microsponges. The microsponges were incorporated into the optimized carbopol gel. This study demonstrated that entrapment of the drug within the microsponges leads to prolonged release and provides increased concentration of drug on the surface of skin.

Keywords: Tolnaftate, microsponges, quasi-emulsion technique, carbopol gel

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Charyulu RN, Avril Mathias, Mudit Dixit. Microsponges: A novel approach for transdermal delivery of tolnaftate. Trends in Drug Delivery. 2015; 2(2):   38–46p.


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